The articles are stories published on this website are obtained from the The Penistone Almanacks - a series of books published from the late 1870s to 1958 detailing the local history, events and news from the surrounding districts.

Each almanack has been scanned at high resolution then run through optical character software in order to bring them online. There will be occasional spelling and grammatical errors due to deterioration (some of the books are approaching their 120th anniversary).

Listed below are the latest articals to be published on this website. You can search through the articles by clicking on the menu to the left.

Penistone Welcomes the King and Queen

Published: Category: Royalty Almanac: 1912 Year: 1912 Place: Penistone

PENISTONE, although one of the smaller towns through which their Majesties passed, was not behindhand in their welcome to the Royal visitors, for on walking along the main road by which they travelled, one was struck with the amount of bunting, flags, and streamers which was displayed, perhaps th... Read More

Through North America to Langsett and Midhope

Published: Category: Other Almanac: 1912 Year: 1912 Place: Langsett

YORKSHIRE, by far the largest of our English Counties, extends about 140 miles in its greatest breadth, from the lofty mountains at the North Western angle to Spurn Point at the mouth of the Humber. Its length from North to South is about 80 miles, while from East to West it is about 90 miles, an... Read More

Derwent Water

Published: Category: Water Supply Almanac: 1912 Year: 1912

SIR Edward Fraser, D.C.L., of Nottingham, chairman of the Derwent Valley Water Board, formally opened the first completed section of the vast waterworks undertaking at Bamford on Thursday, Sept. 5th, 1912, in the presence of a large and distinguished gathering of interested spectators. Represent... Read More